Photography Insights for Beginners

Capture Celebrities

Capturing some of the most important influencers can be exciting as a photographer and for many, it’s the niche they aspire to. But how does this differentiate from other types of photography? For the most part it doesn’t, the technique behind it is exactly the same but there are key differences in other areas. So, here’s some tips for photographing celebrities.

1. Find a Mentor
As with all things, practice is important and it can help you to ease into the world of celebrity photography slowly. The best way to do this is to find another professional of the niche and learn from them, you’ll get exposure without needing to be solely in charge and it can boost your confidence and experience.

2. Be Professional
You are a professional (or you wouldn’t have been hired) so act like one! Keep the gushing to a minimum and get on with the task in hand. If you get the opportunity to work with your idols then it can be difficult to keep composure and you’re welcomed to let them know what an inspiration they are to you, but try not to overplay it because it can make them feel uncomfortable and that is what will come through on film.

3. Be Efficient
As with any professional, celebrities and influencers are pressed for time, so they don’t want to be waiting around for you to set up, make too many adjustments or need to reshoot. To combat this, keep spare lenses and equipment out and ready for a change over so you aren’t keeping everyone waiting. Ensure that you set-up and prepare before their arrival so they can either jump straight in or you know which shots and looks are going to be done first.

4. Be Discreet
While you may have a legal contract in place that prohibits you from sharing photos or information about the celebrities that you work with, you shouldn’t need one to offer discretion. Don’t take any sneaky personal photos or probe into their lives if they don’t continue the conversation, they deal with many people looking for the next big scoop so offering them discretion and trust will have them revisit and refer you!

5. Work With Up-And-Comers
You’re not the only one who could be starting their career so search for up and coming talent to work with. Those who have had minor roles or have yet to start may be the next big thing and you photographed them first! So, aim to improve your portfolio and theirs by working with up-and-comers.

Hopefully this gives you more insight into the dynamic of celebrity photography and how you can best become a celebrity photographer.