Photography Insights for Beginners

Become A Fashion Model

Contrary to popular belief, fashion photography is not all about the fashion itself, the model can bring it up or down, particularly in photos so you need to have a decent fashion model. Becoming a fashion model is difficult but is the dream of many so here are some tips you can utilize to make yourself noticed.

1. Contact Small Boutiques
You may have a local shop or boutique in your town that is looking to put their pieces on a website. This could be a bridal store, vintage clothes or even a dressmaker but all of them will need models so make yourself available and you can gain experience working with a photographer and add elements to your portfolio.

2. Have A Portfolio!
Speaking of portfolios, you need examples of your work and obviously the better these examples are, the more likely you are to be hired. If you are just starting out and can’t afford to have these done professionally, do your own but experiment and take time working on poses and lighting. Look at other portfolios online to see what elements are included and which images stand out to you and try to recreate them.

3. Use Fledgling Photographers
Make trades with newer photographers who are in the same boat as you and trying to get noticed. You can offer a trade of photographs for both of your portfolios for a win-win situation, plus you’ll be able to ask questions and better your experience for the future with this bespoke one-on-one.

4. Use Social Media
Market yourself! Don’t be afraid to share new images with friends and family, you never know who they might know and create profiles on a range of accounts to expand your reach. For example, Instagram and Pinterest are excellent visual platforms for getting feedback or you could look at model specific options like Model Mania.

5. Get A Website
Even if you are starting out, create a website that makes you easily accessible and contactable. If nothing else, over time it can be a passive form of marketing and you can use it to stay current and up to date or refer potential clients.

6. Practice In The Mirror
It is your responsibility to know your own body, what works and what doesn’t so spend time posing, positioning and practicing.

It’s not very often that you become a model overnight and obviously who you know and connect with is important. Just remember to keep working hard and updating your portfolio with your best pieces to give you more of a shot.