Photography Insights for Beginners

Lingerie Shoots

A lingerie shoot can be uncomfortable for the subject, particularly if it is the first time being vulnerable in front of a camera. As a photographer, it is your responsibility to make them feel comfortable and guide them through the process to get some amazing shots and hopefully gain some more confidence along the way. Here are some ways you can make a lingerie shoot more comfortable while getting the images you need:

1. Discuss Beforehand
Discussing thoughts and concerns before the shoot with the subject can help open an honest dialogue that will help you when it goes ahead. This could include things such as; what parts of the body they don’t like or are self-conscious about so that you can work these elements and find ways to turn what they consider a weakness, into a strength. Having this discussion also allows you to put them at ease and run them through what to expect, partly because a lingerie shoot can be scary and the unknown makes it worse. Run through your process as well as how you like to operate so everyone is on the same page.

2. Avoid Shadows
During a lingerie shoot, shadows can be your enemy because they not only distort the images at some angles but can accentuate certain elements. For example, a poorly fallen shadow can make legs or arms look larger while shadows on the face can add unwanted bags or facial hair. These are all elements that will knock the subject’s confidence when they see the images so ensure you have lots of light!

3. Consider the Lingerie
What the subject is wearing is important so ensure that they opt for something flattering to their figure. While photographers can work with a lot and positioning plays a key role, every little helps. Plus, you want your subject to choose something they FEEL sexy in because this type of emotion shines through into the capture, ending in natural photos.

4. Make Shapes
The limbs can be particularly difficult to position, especially in lingerie photography because they are usually bare and extend the body. Many feel uncomfortable posing too much when they have little confidence and are working in an exposed way but to combat this you can focus on particular shapes. For example, using the arms or legs to make triangles with the body can add depth to the image and make it more interesting.

5. Play Music
Silence lends to awkwardness, particularly for the subject so playing music can fill the space. Whether or not you get awkward, simply having the radio on can offer a distraction and makes the subject comfortable.

6. Change Perspective
As a photographer, you can unleash your creativity so don’t feel restricted just because it’s an intimate shoot. Capture from above or below to change the perspective of the shot entirely so that you end up focusing on different elements and make the end results more interesting.

Just remember, the happier the subject, the better the capture so ensure you focus on them first, photography second and you’ll end up with stunning results.